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You have shown kindness:

a lesson from Rebekah –

  1. When you give generously, you get back more than you ever thought possible.  We set the standard of what we receive, by what we give. Give what you can; you will be amazed what God will give you in return.
  2. When you give generously, your loved ones will be blessed too. When Abraham’s servant revealed who he was, he brought out gold articles and rich garments and gave them to Rebekah. But he also gave precious things to her mother and brother. The rewards of your generosity will always overflow and touch the lives of those closest to you
  3. When you give, the impact of your generosity will often outlive you. In the moment of giving you cannot imagine how your actions might impact the lives of others in the future. Imagine what the world would be like if Michelangelo had said, ‘I do not do ceilings,’ if Noah had said, ‘I do not do boats,’ if David had said, ‘I do not do Goliaths,’ if Mary had said, ‘ I do not do virgin births,’ if Paul had said, ‘I do not do letters,’ and if Jesus had said, ‘I do not do crosses.’ A lifestyle of generous giving will outlive you and bless those who follow you.

Written by Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities and used with permission.