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Let’s Eliminate Fear

Does anybody want to eliminate fear now?  Tom Brokaw, at the end of one of the Democratic National Conventions, made this comment:  Anxiety is the issue of the age.

Anxiety is the issue of the age.  There are a whole lot of people who would agree with that, especially these days.  We’re in a place in our society right now where 5 different areas have come together to create the theoretical perfect storm, but this time it’s not theory, it’s reality.  The five areas are health care crisis, a mental health crisis, retirement crisis, economic insecurity crisis, and globalization.  Let me tell you it’s happening to day as we have not seen it in a long, long time.

So what in the world can you do about it when you’re faced with these fears on a daily basis?  I don’t know of an issue that’s more relevant or that we can apply to our life right now in a quick way that will make a bigger difference.  Let me share with you a couple of thoughts about eliminating Read More→