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What is “the Heart”?

Because The Healing Codes heals “heart issues” and not physical ones (though the physical heals as a result of the heart issues healing), it’s natural to ask, “What exactly do you mean by ‘the heart’?”

When we talk about “the heart” in the context of The Healing Codes, we mean both the inner core of a person–the essence of who they are–and the place where their spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions) and body intersect. It includes not only our conscious thoughts, beliefs, and will, but the unconscious and subconscious images and beliefs that are stored not only in our brains, but (as science is discovering) also in our very cells.

This is what I believe the Bible refers to as the heart, also called the inner person. It is the part of us that is being renewed from the spiritual life we receive from God. The spirit is connected to the heart, but they are not one and the same. The spirit is renewed when we receive God’s grace, and that process begins to transform “the heart” so that your whole self is transformed.

As your heart reorients toward Truth, the internal, unconscious stress signals that go out to your body’s cells and to your mind and emotions will change. Without the stress signals, the body, mind and emotions can heal, and your whole life improves.

This transformation happens whenever you become aware of negative beliefs and images and consciously replace the negative with the truth. This happens in prayer and meditation on the Truth. It is accelerated by practicing The Healing Code, which incorporates prayer and meditation but also adds an element that addresses the frequency of the negative images/beliefs directly.

Focusing on healing issues of your heart is truly “the heart” of transformation of all areas of your life, because you’re starting from the inside out. Jesus said all our issues come from the inside out, not the outside in. So you want to pay utmost attention to your heart. Solomon said, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23).

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of  The Healing Code book. Visit her website at for Truth Focus Statements to use when doing Healing Codes.

The Cutting Edge – The Gifts Aren’t the Gifts. You are the Gift.

December 20 ,2011

The Cutting Edge, At the Heart of Health will be on Wednesday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern.

This week we are privileged to hear E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes Practitioners program, speak to us about ‘The Gifts Aren’t the Gifts.  You are the Gift.

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The Cutting Edge – From Furious to Fun!

November 15 , 2011

The Cutting Edge, At the Heart of Health presented by Dr. Alex Loyd, will be on Wednesday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern.

This week Dr. Loyd will speak to us about ‘ From “FURIOUS to FUN”! ‘

You don’t want to miss this. And you will have the opportunity to get a custom code from JoHanna Chan, a Certified Healing Codes practitioner.

If you are registered for the free Membership, you will get an e-mail with the dial in details and you can also find that information in your Member area. If you are a free Member you will have the ability to listen over the web – right on your own computer through your speakers without the need to dial in!! So if you’ve wanted to listen without having to use your phone, this is your chance.

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“Every Issue is a Heart Issue”

I’m not the one who made this statement. King Solomon did, more than 3000 years ago.

One of the wisest people who ever lived said, “Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23).

According to what those who study Hebrew root words for this verse,  this verse says that  from the heart flow 100% of the issues of life.

So then, what is “the heart” that we’re supposed to guard?

According to  Dr. Alex Loyd  and his spiritual mentor, Larry Napier, the heart is the inner person that contains all the unconscious, subconscious, conscious thoughts, images, beliefs, and feelings, plus the will and conscience. It’s the whole person, but it’s more than what we are conscious of.

In the “heart” are stored all the images and beliefs we have encountered and adopted. And these images and beliefs literally reverberate through the cells of our bodies, influencing how we feel, how we act, our relationships, our success, and even our physical health.

Jesus said it was out of the heart that the mouth speaks. Elsewhere in the Bible, it talks about the need for a a transformation. Transformation is needed not just for the mind, but for the heart.

So healing of the whole person starts with healing the heart. Not the physical heart, but this “heart” that is the center and source of everything in our lives. This heart needs healing, and it needs guarding.

That’s what The Healing Codes do. In fact, that’s all The Healing Codes do.

Yet, when “heart issues” heal, so much else heals along with it. Physical issues, relationship issues, even success issues.

That’s because “all issues are heart issues.” Solomon hit it precisely. The truth has always been there. We just haven’t always seen it.

Heal your heart, then guard your heart. It’s the wellspring of your whole life.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner. She is also is a writer and invites you to visit her Healing Heart Issues blog, where she continues to explore this topic.

How Heart Issues Develop–and Heal (Think Bamboo)

One of the most common questions I get from clients is, “How long will it take for me to heal?”

I wish I had a crystal ball that would give an accurate answer. I don’t.

However, when I discovered how bamboo grows, I thought it an apt illustration both for how heart issues develop AND how they heal.

Thinking of how heart issues are like bamboo may help you both understand the healing process and be more patient with it.

Bamboo’s growth starts underground, where the rhizome system that supports the canes are developed. For three whole years, the plant establishes itself underground and there is no apparent growth. Absolutely nothing appears to be happening. For three years!

In the fourth year, shoots appear. The bamboo canes grow in height and diameter for only 60 days every spring. After the 60 days, that particular cane will never grow again.

However, because of the rhizome system, the next spring the shoots that come up will grow much taller and faster in those 60 days. After a bamboo grove has been establishing its rhizome system for 5 years, the canes that grow in that fifth year can reach as much as 90 feet (for certain species, in certain conditions)–all in 60 days!

This picture also applies to how heart issues form, and then manifest eventually in our lives in health, relationship, and/or success issues.

Like the rhizome system that forms underground, memories and beliefs accumulate in the subconscious mind.  If enough unhealthy beliefs based on negative memories and images gather (whether in the unconscious or subconscious mind, or energy patterns in the DNA or cells, nobody knows exactly yet), they will eventually manifest in some kind of problem. It may take years, even decades for the “shoot” of the negativity to manifest, but eventually it does.

That manifestation can “take off” into a major illness. If the theories of Dr. Alex Loyd in The Healing Code and Dr. Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief are true, such illnesses began long before any symptoms or problems showed up.

If symptoms or issues can take a long time to show up, though it may seem to happen “overnight,” so too healing may take a while to be experienced.

You may not feel anything happening, but underground much healing may be taking place. The “rhizome system” of healing negative images and beliefs needs to be established before the “shoot” of the actual experience of healing becomes apparent.

As you work with  The Healing Codes, much of the inner healing will be “underground” in the “rhizome system” of healed memories and corrected beliefs. You may have thousands or millions of hidden memories that are being healed, that need to be healed, before your physical or emotional manifestation changes.

So take heart, persevere in your healing work, and have faith that underground, the rhizome system is changing from negative support to positive support. The manifestation that you can see and feel will come eventually.

That’s why I portray bamboo in my website headers. Every time you see any of my sites, I want you to be reminded that healing, and success, manifest like bamboo.

I want you to be reminded to persevere. To have faith. God desires you to be healed–but in the deepest ways possible. That may take time.

Let it be God’s time.

Hidden growth. Faith. Process. Time. Remember these when you see bamboo.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner, writer, and editor of The Healing Code. 

What are Your Symptoms Trying to Tell You?

With The Healing Codes, we’re always talking about “the heart.” Perhaps what we call the “heart” is really a part of the brain (the right hemisphere?), or perhaps it’s a certain way the brain functions.

At any rate, this “heart”  has its own “logic,” and it’s not a logic that’s linear. It’s based on images and associations. If you can learn to “read’ your heart, understand the images and connections, you can go a long way in understanding–and healing–the source of many of the issues of your life.

The following case study will help you understand the “logic” of the heart and how physical manifestations can be based on  metaphors of  heart issues.

My client, whom I’ll call “Todd,” had several issues he wanted to work on healing: irregular heartbeat, enlarged prostate, hernia; “an addictive personality,” and fear of something bad happening.

As it turned out, that latter was the source of all the other things. That often happens: all of the issues end up being connected.

The connection is usually a cluster of memories with a central theme.

That theme can be a metaphor that runs throughout the issues. You just have to know how to “think like your heart.”

Your mind thinks in words, but your heart “thinks” in pictures, images and feelings.

For Todd, his physical, emotional, and even relational issues were all connected by one image or metaphor: a bomb.

Every one of his emotional and physical issues turned out to be a “bomb” of some sort. They were all things that could “explode” at any time. He felt like he was “walking on eggshells” with his wife, just as he had with his mother growing up. (Wife and mother’s emotions like bombs that could go off at any moment.)

All his physical symptoms were also “bombs”: a hernia that could become strangulated at any moment; an enlarged prostate that could turn to cancer; an irregular heartbeat that could become dangerous at any time. He also feared that his drinking could turn into an addiction.

In working together to uncover memories with a variety of emotions (fear, anxiety, anger, feeling trapped), we finally drilled down to several early memories. That is where we found the connection: Several of the early memories, starting at age 5, involved bombs!

Todd grew up in the Cold War era, where bomb drills had kids hiding under their desks or going into bomb shelters. (Just listen to the soundtrack of this YouTube video, and look at the cartoon of “Duck and Cover” and imagine a 5-year-old experiencing this again and again….) Todd had several terrifying early memories: being in a bomb shelter, “duck and cover” bomb drills at school starting in kindergarten, and then later, the Cuban missile crisis and walking home from school (no driving in case there was a bomb). “Always remember, an atomic bomb attack could come at any time….” became deeply ingrained in Todd, and generalized to more things than literal bombs.

All his issues boiled down to “fear of something bad happening,” the source of which were his “bomb memories.” When we healed the fear in those core memories (and it took awhile to drill down and get to the core), all his issues were resolved very quickly.

As you think about your most pressing problem, whether it’s emotional, physical, relational, or a success issue, see if there are any images or metaphors or common threads. Once you find and unravel that, very often the whole “ball” of issues resolves.

If you are a Baby Boomer, you might want to do a Healing Code on fear memories from bomb drills at school. It’s difficult to imagine how any young child could watch that film and not become scared on some level. There may be a whole generation of us who need healing “bomb issues.” And if you need help with that,  contact Diane Eble  for custom Healing Codes.

What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 1

Question of the week blog- What belief

There were almost 200 responses to our first question of the week:

What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you?

Thank you for participating.

While there was a lot of variation, there was also a pattern to 3 main themes. These responses were the most repeated of all.

#1 response was believing that we are NOT ____ ENOUGH.

It is my experience that this is the main issue for most of us—believing a lie about our very essence.

What seems to have happened in many lives is that we were often in the presence of people who had their own pain in the spiritual-mental-emotional-physical-financial-career- etc. areas of their lives. Their pain splashed on us and got in us.

Like a summer storm cloud externalizes its energy as rain, thunder and lightning, so do we humans externalize our fears, doubts, and conflicts into human emotions and impulses, frequently in ways that are not loving.

As adults, we know that if we look into a distorted mirror we will see a distorted image, which is not a true representation of us.

As children, we don’t know that parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, and other people reflect images back to us that may be distorted due to their own beliefs and emotional states. Unfortunately, we accept those reflections as true. We use them to define ourselves based upon what we are told about ourselves. And then we act according to these faulty self-definitions, these faulty self-images.

It is no wonder we tend to reject ourselves as Not Good Enough. That energy may have been transmitted to us, near us and even by us thousands of times in early childhood.

When we realize that we may have been caught in “hail storms” but the “hail” pelting us was criticism, sarcasm, jealousy, judgmentalism, rejection, denigration, intolerance, impatience, hatred, jealousy, aggression, violence, abuse, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, and slander, we won’t be surprised that the truth of who we are and what we are has been seriously dented by these experiences.

If we judge ourselves as Not Good Enough, which is a lie, we will often externalize the anxiety of this feeling by doing more things or by adding more things.  Instead of a balanced lifestyle, we will notice our striving to Do more and to Have more.

We may notice we work more, sleep more, yell more, withdraw more, rant more, depress more, watch TV more, read more, distract more, eat more, drink more, exercise more, shop more, hoard more, spend more, scramble to earn more, etc.

The basic error of this process is that Doing more or Having more is the longest route to Being more. Being more is really an act of discovery in awareness, without moving or accumulating external objects. It is about becoming aware of the existing internal energy that enlivens us. I would say IT is us.

It is no surprise The Healing Codes can help us heal beliefs like a warm sun dispels a little path of fog. As we heal our beliefs, as we let go of these energies that we may have absorbed and which we externalize in our daily living, we start to regain a more accurate view of ourselves.

Our happiness, success, and health depend on us increasing our awareness of the truth of who/what created us and who/what we really are.

Part 2 coming soon!

How is Your Heart Today?

Luthern Church Charities

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Proverbs 4:23

We think of the heart as the centre of our emotions. But it is more; it is the origin of our desires, imaginations, motives and intentions. That is why God says, ‘Above all… guard your heart…it is the well-spring of life.’

So, how is your heart today? Do you get upset easily? Do you constantly compare and resent? When you hear gossip, do you silence it or spread it? What kind of thoughts do you entertain? Your answer depends on the state of your heart.

Only by going directly to the source and cleaning out the pipeline, can you get a pure product. We reverse things by trying to clean up the outside first. But it does not work! If a tree produced bad fruit you would not just treat the fruit, would you? No, you would treat the root! Likewise, it is not enough just to try and change your bad habits; you must go to the heart of the problem – which is the problem of the heart! The Psalmist realized this, so he prayed, ‘Create in me a clean heart, O God’ (Psalm 51:10). Think maybe you should pray that too?

So – just how IS your Heart?  Think on it and use The Healing Codes to solve ANY issue of your heart.

This devotion used by permission with thanks to Tim Hetzner.

The Healing Codes–for Weight Management?

One of my clients has an interesting theory:  “Heart issues (literally) carry weight.”

She came to this conclusion because she notices that as her issues healed, she lost weight.

“One thing that happened as a by-product (I wasn’t even working on this issue) is that I lost 10 pounds absolutely without any effort at all,” Mary wrote. “I noticed my clothes were fitting better, so I weighed myself. I had lost 5 pounds! I found myself eating whatever I wanted, but I wanted mostly healthy things now. (This is totally new for me.) I would be satisfied with just a small piece of chocolate. After another couple of weeks, I lost 5 more pounds–again, effortlessly. I have energy, I feel so good. This is the best weight-loss program I’ve ever come across!”

She wrote again a couple of weeks later to report that after she had a breakthrough after we uncovered a generational memory and she healed the unforgiveness/bitterness associated with it, she felt “light as a feather.” Here’s what she wrote (emphasis hers):

“I feel like a NEW PERSON.  I am not who I was.  I feel light as a feather.  I feel AMAZINGLY POSITIVE.  I feel CLEAR-HEADED.  I feel FREE!  I am a NEW PERSON.  I could go on, but you know what I mean.  I even thought to myself after a couple of days on that super-targeted code, ‘Well, that’s got to be at least another pound of JUNK gone—I’ll go weigh myself!’ and, sure enough, I’d lost another pound! Ha!  I’m telling you, Diane, this CRUD we carry has actual, physical weight!  I feel like a teenager again after dropping that darkness from my Grandpa that was cloaking me my entire life.  I feel like a happy, light, energized, motivated, innocent little girl!”

I have to add, my own experience mirrors Mary’s. I too lost at least 10 pounds without trying. I was just working on my heart issues, and things shifted so that I’m not using food to deal with heart issues.

And who knows, perhaps Mary is right–heart issues have actual, physical weight, and when the weight of the issues is gone, and you “feel light as a feather,” you actually are lighter.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner and the editor of The Healing Code.