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Music is Inspiration

From Elio – composer of Healing Codes Music

Hi All, I hope you don’t mind me sharing but I received this divine artwork by artist Lisa Kubik ( ) which was inspired by The Music For The Healing Code. A truly an amazing piece of artwork that connects and speaks to me.This was her post…

Elio, I want to thank you for your amazing musical gift. I listened to ‘Music For The Healing Code’ and absolutely loved it. This painting was created listening to your songs. It is not complete but I’ve already channeled many spirits in this painting. The most prominent is the one in the centre (white area). Unfortunately it is a bit hard to see in this photo due to the lighting but you can see the main outline. I believe her to be a very important figure from the past. Your music allows me to open my heart and calmly and peacefully create helping heal those who come through or view the artwork. You are a huge part of this collaboration

Music Soothes Breathing – It DOES Work!

From one of our FaceBook friends:

My son Jake had a liver transplant 9 days ago. Elio Pagliarulo was so kind to send me his music to do the Healing Codes for Jake. I have been playing the music for Jake during his recovery and noticed something very cool…Jake had a rough time coming off the breathing tube and when he did he needed extra oxygen for a few days. His breathing was hard and fast into the 60’s on the machine (it should be in the 20’s/early30’s). I started playing Elio’s the music and in less than a minute his breathing went into the 20’s and Jake looked so much more relaxed. This was not a fluke bcus every time I played the music his breathing would return to a normal pattern. The nurses were amazed at how it would drop into normal zones so fast. I wish I took a video…it was so amazing. =)

Stephanie Renee Peña

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