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Everything Is Energy – Dr. Alex Loyd Speaks

Dr. Alexander Loyd was a guest keynote speaker at our “Everything is Energy”
conference, in Boulder Colorado, October 2011. Dr. Loyd asked the 280 people
there to identify the biggest issue of their life – the thing that was
bothering them more than anything else. Many people expressed that these
issues were decades, or even lifelong problems. Individuals shared that they
had spent thousands of dollars and decades of their lives trying to obtain
relief or healing for these problems. Dr. Loyd worked on all 280 people at
the same time, using The Healing Codes, for these issues, over about a 30
minute period of time.

The Results: 275 out of 280 people, self reported that the source of their
issue (the biggest problem issue of their life) was no longer bothering
them. The 5 that did not have complete resolution, had their issue
dramatically improve. People all over the meeting hall were laughing,
crying, jumping up and down, laid out on the floor, unable to speak, saying
over and over – “I can’t believe it”, etc., etc., etc.

This was a truly remarkable healing event, and we wanted to truthfully
report it for those who are suffering and looking for answers!