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Pride & Happiness Are Incompatible! – The Cutting Edge

August 23, 2011

The Cutting Edge, At the Heart of Health presented by Dr. Alex Loyd, will be on Wednesday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern.

This week Dr. Loyd will speak to us about “Pride & Happiness Are Incompatible”

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Cellular Memories: Fact or Fiction?

One of my clients told me that what made her consider that The Healing Codes are valid is her experience with her husband, who had a liver transplant. “After his transplant, he told me he had all these strange feelings and even tastes for things he’d never liked before. When I read in The Healing Code about cellular memories, I realized that was what my husband must have experienced from his liver transplant. I had just thought he was crazy!” (An intelligent and fascinating discussion on cellular memory of transplant patients can be found here.)

While the validity of cellular memories is controversial, there seems to be a growing body of evidence from research (these links just go to a search for “Southwestern University Medical School study on cellular memory,” for instance) that they do exist.

Cells can “remember” how to fight a virus so you won’t get reinfected. With the help of interferon alpha and another signaling protein called IL-12, “memory cells” are created that  secrete something called IL:-2 that remains in the body and tells the cells how to fight a virus that it was just exposed to, so you can’t get reinfected by the same virus. Might cells “remember” more than our current scientific approaches can measure?

Science has a long way to go, perhaps, before the exact mechanisms of  “cellular memory” can be understood precisely. Researchers continue to investigate the brain, the link between stress and disease, and memory. The May 2011 Neuroscience Research Conference focused on “The Neuroscience of Stress and Memory” with a keynote by Dr. James McGaugh on “The Formation of Strong Memories” and a fascinating lineup of speakers examining just what stress does to memory.

In the meantime, people keep using The Healing Codes to heal what we believe are “cellular memories”–and they experience all kinds of results. We don’t have to wait for science to explain what we already see happening–though it will be very, very nice when it does.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner and publishing consultant who worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on The Healing Code.

A Healing Codes Experience

This is from someone who is new to The Healing Codes.  We do not publish names or e-mails to protect people’s privacy.  But this will be encouraging to everyone – if you are currently doing The Healing Codes or if you are brand new!

I just started doing the Healing Code yesterday, but I had an amazing experience already. This morning, right after doing it, an old negative long-forgotten memory from my childhood surfaced into my consciousness like a bubble coming up. I was curious about it and tried to concentrate on it, but it just flitted away after a few seconds, like a dream that quickly fades with the morning light. Actually, it’s good it’s gone. Now I know other cellular and unconscious negative memories will do the same, whether or not I’m aware of it happening. My gratitude to you for making this tool available. God bless!

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