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Angel Stories – Parents and Child

This Angel Story is presented by The Healing Codes but is in Annika’s own words and used with her permission.

I don’t remember how old I was when the following incident happened, but I must have been between 6 and 8 years old. Then, my family consisted of 4, my parents, my sister 2 years younger than myself, and I. We had stayed at an old family-owned mansion 3 hours away from our home that my dad and grandpa had been working on to restore. It was my grandfather’s wish that my family should live in it someday.

On the way back though, my parents got into a huge argument. It was about a possible relocation of our family to live in that house – something my mother did not want. It was a traumatic experience, the argument escalated into what I remember to have been hours of yelling, screaming, stopping the car, somebody leaving the car, throwing things. My sister and I were in the backseat crying, witnessing all that was going on. At some point, my father had left the car threatening he would just walk all the way back. My mother got into the driver’s seat and did persuade my father to get back into the car. I had had it as the arguing went on, so I prayed. I don’t remember exactly what I prayed, I just wanted all of this to stop. After I prayed, I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were almost home and the car was quiet. I asked my parents if they had made up again, and although there was still some tension, at least they had reached a more peaceful place.

You might wonder where the angel part comes in. Well, I didn’t know about anything of this until afterwards. Much later, we would sometimes talk about that incident, and I told my parents that I prayed. Everybody remembers that part even though nobody knew I was praying. They remember it because my mom remembers being so upset that she was barely able to drive until suddenly she felt like somebody was stearing the car with her. She remembers feeling safe and not out of control anymore. And that was the exact same moment too my parent’s arguing subsided and they started to calm down. Who knows, an angel might have just saved our lives that day.

That’s my angel story.

Annika Constantin

Angel Stories – Mother and Son

Presented by The Healing Codes but in her own words –

I was home one winter evening in Atlanta – our winters tend to be pretty mild.  My son, who is a truck driver, was out on the road and all of a sudden I got the urge to call him.  I was unable to reach him and laid down in bed unable to sleep for some reason.

When I couldn’t reach him I just left a message saying that I loved him. Being a Buddhist, I started chanting on my back.  The message was to chant (pray).

Around 3:00 am the phone rang and it was a call from my son.  He first told me that he was okay, but that he was in a bad snow storm in the mountains in Colorado and that his truck had been in an accident (not a bad one but he was waiting on the side of the road for assistance).

While he waited for assistance he watched many cars collide and in trouble on the road.  He checked his messages and noticed that I called.

My call was the exact time that his truck went off the road and the “I love you” message was just what he needed to hear at that time.  He still drives his 18-wheeler but no longer travels long distances, but I thank God every day for the small miracles and the angels watching over us and our children…….


Dr. Imani Ma’at

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Angel Stories – The Heart Attack

On October 25, 2011 I had a heart attack.  The problem was, I didn’t know it was a heart attack.  Women, pay attention!  It’s true that our symptoms can be VERY different.  I woke up somewhere around 2:00 AM with ‘discomfort’ in the middle of my chest.  It was so minor that I told myself to go back to sleep.  I couldn’t.  So I got up and went to the living room wondering what it could be.  It was not pain, pressure, indigestion – just an uncomfortable ‘sensation’.

Here is the Angel part.  I decided to call a good friend who lives close to me.  I dialed her number and it rang twice and I got a fast busy signal.  Hmmm – I tried again, paying particular attention to the digits I was dialing.  I got a busy signal.  I thought about it a bit more and decided to dial 911.  I didn’t even know what I was going to say but when the dispatcher answered I told him I THOUGHT I MIGHT be having a heart attack.  Where did those words come from?  They were not in my consciousness before I said them.  When I got to the hospital I asked them to call my friend and they got right through.  She looked later and I didn’t even show up on her caller id!

IF I had gotten her on the phone, we would have talked about it some, then she would have gotten up, put on some clothes and came here.  By that time I was in the ambulance (they took 5 minutes to get here from the time I was talking to the dispatcher) and I already had an EKG, nitro, aspirin and an IV and we were flying, lights and sirens, to the hospital.  I was furious that I could not get her but later realized that it might have saved my life that I could NOT get her.  Thank you God!

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