Thyroid Cancer

“About 4 years ago I had my thyroid surgically removed due to cancer. At that time the surgeon stated that he only located two parathyroid glands (we all have 4) so I should have had 2 left working. However, they were damaged somehow during the surgery and haven’t been functioning ever since. In short, our parathyroid glands regulate calcium in the body which our muscles need to function. So without functioning glands, I had to take massive doses of calcium and vitamin D to survive. 100,000 IU’s of D and 6,600 mgs. of calcium daily. After doing the Healing Codes for about 3 weeks, I dropped my dose down to 2 calcium pills daily, a pretty normal-person dose. By accident, I left my purse at home that day, went to work, and didn’t have my pills on hand to take that morning. I intended to swing by home at lunchtime, but at lunch I felt fine so I thought I’d see if I could last till the end of the day. By day’s end I was still not symptomatic and I watched my body for signs of tetany but felt normal. A week went by and I called my doc who told me to get a blood test once a week for 3 weeks. The first test came back normal, 8.2 calcium. My levels dropped off a little (I had dropped down to 1 pill) so I went back to the 2 pills. I think I was not 100% cured, maybe 95%. It has now been 2 months since I stopped the megadoses and I am still asymptomatic. A miracle! Before this I’d be lucky if I lasted a day before ending up in the ER in serious trouble! About a week into the Codes I would wake up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat. A sore throat would come and go for about a minute. I felt tingles, twinges, throbs in my throat area during those first weeks, and a tightness feeling. I knew something was happening. I am stoked! Please tell Dr. Loyd thank you for me.”

~~ Susan A.