The Healing Code Book

I have to admit that, when a friend told me about this book, I was skeptical. But, I was also desperate for healing from multiple physical & emotional issues, & tired of the ineffective health treatments available today.

So, after a little less than a month of doing the Codes, I can say that I see substantial improvement in the emotional problems & slight improvement in the physical ones. However, keep in mind, that the problems with which I’m dealing a multiple, complex, & very long-standing. As Dr. Loyd says in the book, these kinds of things can take months to heal. So, given the improvements I’m seeing in myself & in several friends who are also using it, I give it 5 stars.

I have a friend who has COPD who can now sing again! It had been several years since he could do that. Another friend has had a skin problem completely healed, a problem the doctors had given up on curing. So, the Codes really do work! Praise God!

Sue L