I have been using The Healing Codes for about 2 1/2 years. I purchased the Healing Codes package because I was supposed to be working on a doctoral dissertation, and was not able to attack the project. Several years had already passed and I had made very little progress. During my first year with the Codes I became able to work actively on my dissertation, but I was doing the Codes only sporadically because I was blocked somewhere, and had to constantly push myself to do the things that I knew were good for me. During this period, I had severe osteoporosis, but was not working on this issue with the Codes. When a scan showed that I had lost 15% of my spinal density during that year, I found a way to stir myself to action. I found a partner with whom to do the Codes daily.

Through the following year, I used the Q Codes with my partner, doing all 12 days’ exercises every day. By the end of that year, my bone density had risen, and I had healed enough to do the Codes independently every day. I no longer have to push or force myself to do the everyday tasks of brushing my teeth and washing the dishes. In fact, I now find these things enjoyable, and am grateful that I have the strength and energy to accomplish them. This was an unexpected side effect of the Codes that has changed my life.

~~ T. Lynch