“Following are my results after 2 weeks of doing The Healing Codes for perfectionism: During the first 3 minutes while doing the exercise, my left ear cleared. Other sensations that I felt were on the left side of my body. I felt sensations in the fold area where the hip/leg meet and sensations around my left breast. The 4th day I felt stomach cramps and sensations along the left side of my spine. I am also working with a good chiropractor who practices seven methods of healing including chiropractic methods so I think with all this help I am making good progress in getting my body out of stress. My allergies are vastly improved as well. I am very pleased with this exercise and have noticed just this week, that I presented a program on my travel to Ghana and did it much more relaxed than any presentation that I have ever made (and I have been presenting over 27 years!). I also even left my bed unmade one day this week and it was okay!!!!” ~~ Dee