Pain Rib

Pain From Fractured Rib

“Now, for an overdue report [about a fractured a rib from coughing with bronchitis]:
After our lunch, I came back home, did the exercise again, took a nap – and fell into a very deep sleep for about six hours (some nap!), got up for a short while after Lynn got home from her evening class, repeated the exercise, and then slept about another 10 hours. The sleep was so deep and refreshing as it was close to pain-free, and I woke up with no rib pain. This was a day-and-night change from the previous weeks. I almost couldn’t believe it. I’ve discovered that as long as I keep up with the exercises, the pain remains remarkably low. Thank you so much for this help. Several people spontaneously volunteered that I was walking and standing much more normally the next day. This is an outstanding result, but makes so much sense, since I know illness and injury with me tends to get emotionally-charged, probably because I was sick a lot as a kid with respiratory and throat infections, and learned to do this then. Thanks!
~~ a Client