Neck and Back Problems

“I have been working with The Healing Codes for over a month now. I have done healing associated with many of my limiting beliefs, and found that the healing is happening on a much deeper level than ever before. Ten days ago, I started using a Custom Code focusing on my neck and back. I have done this every day, with part of the focus being on car accidents and other associated issues. I also did Codes for Harmful Actions, then Unhealthy Beliefs.
“This morning, while I was doing the Code for my neck and back, I could FEEL the healing happening. I felt extraordinary amounts of energy moving in my back. In different areas, moving in different directions. Along the ligaments and muscles, around the discs. So much was happening that my body kept jerking, almost so much that I felt like I was lifting myself off the surface I was lying on. Each time I took my hands away, all the movement stopped. Start the Code, and the movement started again. This continued for quite a while.

“When it calmed down, I felt an immediate need to sleep to integrate all that healing. When I woke up again, I tried doing the neck and back code again. I felt like it wasn’t doing anything, compared to how much happens when I normally do Codes. I just tried it again, and it’s still not doing much. I think I am ready for a new Code! My neck and back feel better, and I’m excited to see what happens next.”

~~ Sandra L.