Mystery Healings by: Debra Lordan

Monaco said, “They [the doctors] are very courageous to step out and bring this innovation in energy work to the public.”

Dr. Ben Johnson cured himself of Lou Gehrig’s disease using Lloyd’s techniques, and now travels with him as a
proponent and living example of this healing technology’s power. The doctors spoke of energy frequencies in the body, and how stress can even affect the body on a cellular level, opening the door to disease. The Healing Codes sets up “good vibrations” that make cells impervious to damage and disease. This may seem out-there to some. But practitioners of energy-work, like Monaco … have long known the power of the body’s energy centers.

Lloyd likened his discovery to the invention of the cell phone. “If you described a cell phone to someone a hundred years ago, they would have thought you were crazy!” This discovery just may be such a thing so far ahead of its time, and so radical in its methods compared to traditional Western medicine, that it seems impossible… like a miracle. But Lloyd’s workbook and CDs, a one-time expense, are all you may ever need to get healthy and stay that way.
~~ Maui Weekly