Memory Pictures

I have only been doing the codes for the last week and a half but I KNOW that I’m on the right track. My Naturopath has been trying to get me to do something about my stress levels for years but he didn’t give me a roadmap or a set of instructions. The Healing Codes is my set of instructions.

I started working on issues in my past and found myself bursting out crying as I focused on a breakup with a boyfriend in my teenage years. Although I really didn’t think that I had an issue with him anymore, I realized that I did have an unresolved issue with my female cousin who triggered the breakup. My crying wasn’t sad – it was relief… or a revelation… I’m not sure. I think that it just may have been a release of that toxic memory!

My husband has already noticed a difference in me and I’ve noticed it too. The kids can’t make me as crazy as quickly and stressful situations are minimized much more quickly. And I’m appreciating a better and closer relationship with God. I can’t wait to see the results as I work through my issues.

BTW – I’m NOT one of the fast healers. In fact, I’ve been sleeping worse and I think that I can physically feel the toxins coming out. It doesn’t feel great but I’m virtually positive that I’m working towards a fabulous end.