Joint Pain

“I have increasingly been troubled with upper arm, shoulder and elbow joint pain. It has been gradually
getting worse over the past 6–10 months. I had resigned to the belief that when a person gets older that is what their lot is. Therefore I didn’t try anything to alleviate the pain. I have a high pain threshold and
found it more annoying than painful. About three weeks ago I received the package from The Healing Codes to work on Tendonitis. I read through the Manual and found it to be clear and helpful and began doing the exercises immediately. The intensity I was experiencing was at an 8 out of 10. Nothing changed for about three days. Then I began to notice less pain, as I would raise my arms above my head. It continued to gradually get easier to lift my arms and do things in a raised position that had
been either difficult or downright impossible before. After three weeks the intensity is down to about a 2 and at times a zero. I feel about 75% better in my arms and shoulders. This gives me a new lease on life – especially around my beliefs about getting older. Thank you.”
~~ Jack