Seven Children
Eight Grandchildren
Unforgiveness Issues

“I have seven children and eight grandchildren, so I do a lot and have a lot of stress sometimes. I’ve found that just on your day-to-day basis I have peace living in the moment and being happy with what I do now. As opposed to, “Oh, my goodness, I have to do this and do that and little Zane has knocked over this and…” I also have teenagers of my own still in the house and I just don’t feel stressed about it anymore.

And on an emotional basis, I had a really big breakthrough with forgiveness. Something I really felt like I could easily hold onto because he deserved it. And I could punish him by being the way I could be with my husband. I was really elated to do all The Healing Codes, and very very happy, but there was this one issue that was really bothering me, so I went back through and did forgiveness again just for the specific issue. And it was just amazing, the change in our relationship after that.”

~~ Tina