For a number of Years I suffered from fibromyalgia and did not realise it. Just thought I needed to get more rest at night/eat better/do less housework and generally allow for the aging process. I am a fan of herbal medicine so I kept experimenting with stuff I came across on the internet. I prayed continually for relief from my constant aches and pains until about 2 years ago I was led to the healing codes site. I ordered the book but could not wait for delivery and started to practice immediately based on the basic information I picked up from the net. Within 3 weeks I was completely healed – to God be the glory!

I also introduced it to my brother who suffered from Bell’s Palsy earlier this year which I feel was a reaction to our father’s death (about a month before). He was completely healed in about 2-3 weeks. I am currently doing it for a friend who is diabetic and has an infected foot. Thank you Alex and company for sharing this wonderful gift with the world!