Depression Sadness

Depression, Guilt, Extreme Sadness

“I have suffered from depression, guilt and extreme sadness since the death of my daughter last year. With the first of the holidays approaching since her death, I became even more depressed, with uncontrollable crying many, many times a day. I was living in seclusion, overeating, smoking more cigarettes than I would normally do, and the thought of suicide sat in the back of my mind. I cried out for help to the right person, that’s for sure, and found The Healing Codes! The first exercise rated a 10 and the next two did as well. But from that point on, life changed! I quit crying completely, my overeating has stopped, and I haven’t quit smoking (yet!) but am back down to the amount I would normally consume. I found myself looking at my neighbors differently. Instead of getting annoyed with them I would say “No, bless your spirits” when they went by. Our interactions with each other changed instantly. Today, if I think of my daughter’s death, there are still no tears, no negative feelings of her or her death. I have been given such a great gift with the discovery of The Healing Codes. If I were to rate my feelings today, they would be a zero! What a turn around! I can hardly wait to discover the other changes I’ll be going through!”
~~ Sydni LaJoie