“I’m Linda Calvert in Oklahoma City. I am the one whose father came out of the coma because of the Healing Codes treatments and I work with Dr. Dan Langston. I am going to write that up for you soon and send it to you, however I will update you on that. My father passed away on Feb. 16th but I really don’t feel like it was his time to go. Starting right at Christmas time my mother began turning into a person we didn’t know. She couldn’t handle the fact that Dad continued to live – the stress was too much for her. It started an entire family battle and unfortunately my Dad was caught in the middle of it. I left, after staying there almost full time to go home a couple of days and my Mom hired a caregiver.

I was so glad to get out of the stressful situation for awhile that I went home and honestly forgot about doing the treatments and I was the only one doing them. I still feel guilty about that since I held the power of his health in my hands. He was doing fine when I left. I ended up not going back because of the paid caregiver but still forgot the treatments. About 4 weeks later he started going downhill along with the family stress going on. I immediately started the treaments again but I truly believe that the stress he felt from being in the middle of the family fight was more stress than his body could deal with since I wasn’t doing treatments. At the end she was withholding food and water from him unless he specifically asked for it and ended put him in a nursing home against his will. We kids were against this but felt he was also in danger at home with no food and water. Anyhow he died 3 days after entering the nursing home and it was really a tragic situation. One that will be difficult to overcome with feeling towards our Mom.

I remember the 1st week of January that my brother who lived there said, “Dad is doing better than ever.” It happened that fast. However, I do thank you SO MUCH for the knowledge I learned from you and for the extra 6 months we got to have him. It was truly a miracle!!”~~ Linda