Colds and Flu

“I have personally witnessed in the last 7 months the power of The Healing Codes to enhance or release healing of the body. I have used the exercises for immediate and for long-term health issues. In one stunning instance, doing an exercise twice corrected an acute problem. Optimizing the immune system against infections has proven very effective. For the last several years, I have been plagued with colds, especially through holidays, at times of high stress, or when traveling. I have not experienced colds or flu for the last 7 months, even though I have been under pressures from all these conditions. The simple 3-minute exercise for my immunity has been done once or twice per day. During this 7-month period, I have used a
5-minute immune system exercise daily for my 2 1/2 year-old daughter. She has been free of infections. I have begun to recommend The Healing Codes to my patients. They have been equally impressed.”
~~ Alan Johnson, D.D.S.