From Sick and Unhappy to “Radiant”

“Last September and October I began having serious, serious problems with stress. I was having blackouts. I immediately started looking for something to take care of stress. I found an article in a magazine about The Healing Codes. I went to a meeting and listened to Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson speak. When Dr. Loyd said that no matter how you “pretty things up,” stress – concern, caring about something – it all becomes fear… I’m healing stress, so I’m healing my body. The most wonderful part for me is that when I went home to Texas for my young son’s wedding, I could enjoy it. All the stress was gone, all the gut clenching, all the standing stiff as a soldier with a smile plastered on my face went away. That’s how I had two other weddings – my daughters and my other son. My youngest was awesome. I could enjoy it, and it’s all because of The Healing Codes. Thank you!

If you had seen me or talked to me in November at the first meeting that I went to for The Healing Codes, if you see me today, I’m a totally different person. I have people come up, including one of the Practitioners, come up and say, “The difference – you are radiant! You can tell you’re healing.” I get remarks like that all the time. I feel like I’m fifteen years younger than sixty-two. It’s like I’ve had a face lift. I walk around like I’m walking on a cloud. If it comes, I identify it immediately without even thinking about it and then deal with it using The Healing Codes.”

~~ Geneva Tillery, Auburn, WA