“I am a resident of Maui, where I host a radio show. When I met Dr. Alex and Dr. Ben, I could see that they had something that I needed to know all about. I immediately attended their event and decided to do a “home circle” to help people go through the first 12 days. I wanted to help people who might set the package on a table and never use it to be able to do it in the company of other people. Bringing other people to the table helps. As soon as I completed the 12 days, people wanted to do the 12 days again. The group grew to 6 and then to 12, and I noticed that every person in the group has “goose bumps” to share. 100% of the people in these groups have breakthroughs to share after doing the Codes. They will tell me or anyone else that this works! This is over the top! All you have to do is apply it for it to work. Don’t set it down. We have one woman whose blood pressure came back to normal after 20 years of being way high. We have had a couple of people who look like 50 pounds have been lifted off their shoulders, judging by the big smiles on their faces. So this works – it works on me, it worked on my dog, it worked on everyone in the group. We are starting another group tomorrow.
“When I first met Dr. Alex and Ben, we were doing my radio show. A big fire truck pulled up, and all the drivers and the fireman got out and asked, ‘Could we be on your show for a minute? We would like to help a fireman who has a lot of problems. He has cancer.’ We said to please share the Codes with him. About a week later I got a call from Dr. Alex saying, ‘Let’s work with that fireman ourselves if we can find him.’ We tried to find him, but we couldn’t. The doctors came back to town and had an event at Maui Tropical Plantation. The manager of the plantation and I sat at a table in the back before the 7:30 event. He said, ‘By the way, did you hear about the fireman who was so sick with cancer?’ I said, ‘Yes, I think his name was Charlie.’ He said, ‘You know my mother went to The Healing Codes event the first night they were in town and shared it with Charley. He has been using the Codes on himself and has healed himself of cancer.’ I said, ‘You are sitting here telling me this while I’m just having a steak – That’s the most important thing I have ever heard.'”
~~ David St. John, radio host