Stress Level, Belief Changes,
Ethical Issues

“Thank you for the work you do and your wonderfully appealing personality and excitement when you speak. I haven’t met anyone quite like you. Your are open and share deeply and accepting of a large variety of people. Thank you for that. Thank you for all that the healing codes has done for the stress in my life and given me something I can do myself and keeping independent the way I like things. I like to work in groups also to get things done. If I had the money I would train to do this work but I will have to be content now to finish the Reflexology training that I started and become certified and when I am making more money I can add The Healing codes to my Healing Center and Practice. That won’t stop me from sharing this with others. In the past I was an Art Therapist registered and worked with persons who are chemically addicted and chronically mentally ill etc. So you know I have seen a lot of therapists in hospitals etc. I honestly don’t know anyone more kind, but also has so much to offer in the Healing Codes. Believe me I have looked.

My life is so much more tolerable and I use the healing codes regularly and have a ways to go. I am the person who used The Raomonde Technique for six years using the same areas on the head but the palms instead of pointing the fingers. I received a decrease in my stress levels that was dramatic. Its long to express how I have grown as a person from the process and the affirmations. My perspective on myself has changed and I believe in my abilities as a person with less stress. I am working on my ethical issues little be little and when that conscious conflict is resolved in my life will be different and I will be more effective and functioning person. I look forward to accepting my power that I have been reluctant to accept. I am starting to understand my life and myself better. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated what you are doing for myself and others. & The hope you have given to clearing my cell memories etc. I am standing in more appreciation than I have stood in and that is different than expectations. The mental clarity and seeing a larger perspective is life changing also. Thank you” — Roxanne from Seattle