Back Pain 3

Back Pain

“This morning [at the Ixtapa seminar] my back seized up on me. I could not stand up straight-it hurt to walk and sit, and there was tremendous pain in the location of my kidneys. I went to my room to lie down and relax. I had purchased “The Healing Codes” yesterday but had not had a chance to read anything about it yet. I decided to try to figure it out. I looked up “pain” in the back of the book and followed the simple instructions after about 5 minutes. I started feeling better. I continued to do the Codes for a few more minutes. After that I returned to the seminar. I no longer had any pain! I could walk, dance, and move freely. Two friends who had seen me in pain earlier were shocked to see me moving around. Thank you Healing Codes! With no training, following some very simple instructions, I was able to eliminate the pain.”
~~ Michele B.