“We met Dr. Alex Loyd by phone after returning from India. We had flown into Cincinnati, OH, to give a seminar and both felt so ill with amoebas we had contracted that we told the organizer, Bill McGrane of the McGrane Institute, we didn’t think we could give the seminar. Bill immediately put us in touch with Alex who treated us with the Healing Codes. We had one day of rest before our seminar and that next day after using the Healing Codes a few times, we were feeling much better. By the time our seminar began we felt great, and afterwards the rave reviews from our participants suggested it was one of our best seminars ever. The Healing Codes have consistently produced great results for us. They are simple, non-invasive, easy to do and effective. Beyond that, Dr. Alex Loyd is a deeply loving, caring man of the utmost integrity. It has been our honor and privilege to be associated with him.”

~~ Chris and Janet Attwood, Partners, Enlightened Alliances
Co-Founders, Healthy Wealthy nWise magazine