Asthma and Acne

“My 13 year old son, Drew, did the 12-Day Healing Codes program while we were vacationing. He honestly didn’t believe anything would happen as a result, although he was hopeful that it would clear his adolescent acne problem. When we returned from vacation, he started playing basketball again with his 7th grade team. After the second practice he came home and said, “Mom. I don’t have sports-induced asthma anymore. I can run and run and I don’t get tired!” We both knew it was THC because he had asthma before we started the Codes, and now it was gone. He now has limitless energy and breathing ability. As a result, he can stay in the game longer than any of his other teammates and his b-ball skills really improved (probably because he had to expend less effort). We are seeing the same thing now that he is in lacrosse season. I’m a believer, and so is Drew! His acne is also improving, and we are opting to not put him on meds as we wait for the acne healing to be completed by THC.” ~~ Patti H.