Shrink Your Fears – The Healing Codes

shrinkf your earsMary loved being a homemaker. She had been married to John, a successful businessman, for thirty years. John had always taken care of things and Mary had learned to never take risks. As a result, her biggest fear was that she would one day be left alone. At times she would tell her friends, “I hope I go before John because I don’t think I could handle things by myself.”

But then John became ill. Mary was placed in the position of caring for him plus having to make all the decisions for them both. It was nerve-wracking at first. But once she put her trust in God and decided to take charge, she made an interesting discovery: Security comes from facing your fears. She found that facing her fears was easy compared to the years she had spent feeling inadequate, helpless and dependent.

Facing your fears is always easier than living with helplessness. The truth In fact, when you let fear stop you, you end up living with the feelings of dread and helplessness. Living with those feelings is a hundred times worse than if you had just faced your fears and moved forward. If you tell yourself often enough that you cannot do something, you will be unable to do it—even though you have the talent, time, resources, strategy, and friends to accomplish it. Only those who say they can, do. Saying you believe in yourself and the God who lives within you may not guarantee your success, but saying you do not, will guarantee your failure. So today, face your fears head on! Then watch them shrink.

The above devotion was written/compiled from multiple sources by Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities and author of WORD Bible Studies and is used here with permission.

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