You’ve heard the term “retracing?”  Sometimes when people are healing, it’s a little different from a healing response – “Herxheimer reaction.”  Like this one lady got an elbow in her eye when she was wrestling when she was younger.   When she was doing The Healing Codes she got the same pain in her eye.  Could I experience some of that?

Dr. Ben Johnson: You can have refreshing of those memories and that sort of thing does happen, so the answer to your question is “yes.”  Because you certainly can have a Herxheimer reaction with The Healing Codes.  But you know, that’s a toxicity issue.  As those cells come out of fight or flight and go into growth/healing, not only can they get more oxygen and nutrients and minerals in now, but they can also get more waste out.  So Herxheimer’s is actually a result of wastage dumping into the lymphatic stream and a kind of an overloading of the detoxification system.