Parenting with The Healing Codes–The Only Two Essentials

A few days ago, my youngest child celebrated her 18th birthday. In a couple of weeks, we will take her to college. My oldest child will enter his last year of college.

My child-rearing days are over. I am going through the 12 Healing Codes categories to heal any residual issues from those years to sort of “clean house” as my husband and I enter a new phase of life.

In the process, I can’t help but wish I had The Healing Codes when I was a younger parent. Knowing what I know now about “heart issues,” and after working with more than 500 clients on their heart issues, two things stand out to me as the most important things a parent can do for a child.

1. Heal your own heart issues. Children “absorb” from their parents energy and patterns from unhealed memories. One of the best gifts you can give your children is your own health and example of how to deal with the disappointments, sadness, frustration etc. of life. Let them absorb the right things: peace, love, joy, faith, goodness, humility, self-control, patience. Let them learn from your example how to forgive, live in truth, and avoid harmful actions. When you heal yourself, so much follows automatically.

(One of the greatest blessings of The Healing Codes is that when you do a Code for yourself, you can release it to those close to you. You are connected to your family energetically. This works for or against you. Let it work for you! Do Codes on your own issues, release them to your children, and all of you will heal! Here’s an article to explain how.)

2. Stock your child’s heart with plenty of “love pictures.” One of the important ways Healing Codes work is by replacing negative images with positive ones. In my coaching I always advise people to focus on a Love Picture or Truth Focus Statement. The Love Picture is actually the more powerful, because images are the “language” of the heart. When you focus on a memory in which you felt loved, secure, at peace, you generate a great deal of very positive energy to redirect back into the Healing Centers of the body.

One of the saddest aspecfs of my work is when I come across a client who cannot think of any Love Picture at all. We all should have hundreds of such memories to draw upon by the time we’re adults. So a big part of good parenting is to “stock the well” with as many good times as possible.  Of course, no parent has any control over how a child perceives their attempts at love. (There are a a couple of very good books by Dr. Gary Chapman about The Five Love Languages, one for adults and one for parents to discern their child’s love language that may help here.) By loving your child in as many ways as possible, you will provide a foundation or “base camp” to which children can return when they are temporarily stranded on an island of fear or sadness or anger.

I believe love is stronger than negative images. A few strong love pictures in your child’s heart will override a plethora of negative pictures. Scripture says, “Love covers over a multitude of sins.” Your love will cover the many times when you failed as a parent.

This is the law of grace, and it’s stronger than the law of cause and effect. At least, that’s what I’m banking on as I launch my children into the world as young adults.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of The Healing Code book. For articles and help with healing heart issues, visit her website at