Music Soothes Breathing – It DOES Work!

From one of our FaceBook friends:

My son Jake had a liver transplant 9 days ago. Elio Pagliarulo was so kind to send me his music to do the Healing Codes for Jake. I have been playing the music for Jake during his recovery and noticed something very cool…Jake had a rough time coming off the breathing tube and when he did he needed extra oxygen for a few days. His breathing was hard and fast into the 60’s on the machine (it should be in the 20’s/early30’s). I started playing Elio’s the music and in less than a minute his breathing went into the 20’s and Jake looked so much more relaxed. This was not a fluke bcus every time I played the music his breathing would return to a normal pattern. The nurses were amazed at how it would drop into normal zones so fast. I wish I took a video…it was so amazing. =)

Stephanie Renee Peña

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