On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Eben Alexander M.D. (Neurosurgeon), was featured on the “Dr. Oz Show”. Dr. Alexander is the bestselling author of “Proof of Heaven“.

The book is an account of Dr. Alexander’s experience during coma with sever bacterial meningitis. During the coma, Dr. Alexander had a profound near death experience that changed his life forever.

On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Alexander was presenting research and demonstrating how Binaural Beats creates… a very deep state of relaxation. This state can be so deep that people actually have mystical experiences similar to “near death” experiences. Dr. Alexander endorses this technology for it’s relaxation (stress reduction), as well as it’s positive experiences of a mystical nature. This is the basic technology used in the “Master Key” program. We have heard from many Master Key users about the deep relaxation, stress reduction, and spiritual experiences, from using the Master Key.