Making A Start!

Everybody wants to be thin, but nobody wants to diet. Everybody wants more money, but nobody wants more work. Successful people form the habit of doing things unsuccessful people do not like to do. The bookends of success are commitment and consistency! Without commitment you will never start. Without consistency you will never finish. Getting started is the hard part. That is because we’ve so many reasons not to start. So, here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Start with yourself! If you want those around you to respond differently, give them a different set of attitudes and actions to respond to.
  2. Start early! There’s an old saying that Noah did not wait for his ship to come in; he built one! Hard work is just an accumulation of the easy things you did not do when you should have. The truth is the work does not seem quite so hard when you stop putting it off.
  3. Start small! Just take the first step. You cannot do step two until you have done step one. Taking the first step to prioritize your life focuses you in the right direction. Do not expect to understand all that is required.  You will know as you go! Just take the first step.
  4. Start now! What are you waiting for? Until you finish school? Get married? Have kids? Your kids leave? You retire? You die? If you wait long enough you will have only one regret – that you did not start now.
  5. Allow yourself the pleasure of success.

A great way to ‘Make A Start’ is by using The Healing Codes – every day.



Written by and used with permission from Lutheran Church Charities.