Without a ‘sane estimate’ of your capabilities as a leader, you set yourself up for trouble. So ask:

  1. Am I a control freak? You empower others by being willing to relinquish power. That requires security; the kind that comes from knowing who you are before God. If you have one pencil and you think it is the only one you will ever have, you will hold on to it. But when you know you have dozens you can say, ‘Here, take what you need!’
  2. Do I inspire loyalty? In the past people were loyal to you because you were the leader. Nowadays they will not be loyal to anybody they do not respect, and who does not respect them. They need to feel, ‘I’m a better person because of your leadership’
  3. Am I willing to develop myself?  It takes time to accomplish anything of significance. But it is never too late to grow. Leaders who recognize the importance of their assignment, keep developing themselves
  4. Am I passionate, or driven? There’s a difference. When you are driven, you seek other people’s approval by focusing strictly on the goal. When you are passionate, you relish the journey as much as the destination. Driven people burn out, passionate people do not

Can I accept my limitations? By acknowledging your limitations you encourage the same openness in others. John Maxwell says, ‘I no longer believe that the most spiritual people build the biggest churches or work the hardest. Fatigue is no indication of spiritual maturity …it just makes me vulnerable to sin and error.’


Written by and used with permission of Tim Hetzner