In Her Own Words

What inspiration this is!  Following is what Beatrice Jefferies has to say, in her own words, about The Healing Code book and The Healing Codes:

I received the book “the Healing Code” seven weeks ago from a friend. I read it within two days and immediately knew that I wanted to utilize it. I have been doing the codes ever since, I tried to download all the information through the web, purchased further packages and music, have bought it to 8 people meanwhile in Germany and the US and today I will follow up on my ALS-challenge. For those who don’t know it. It’s an organization that tries to collect money to help people with the Lou Gehrig’s disease. Well, as any follower of the healing codes knows, Ben Johnson himself was cured through the healing codes from ALS. So during my Face book – challenge I will tell whoever will be watching it (I have MANY followers) that instead of supporting the ice bucket challenge they should tell every person affected by the disease to utilize the healing codes! Let’s see, if that is not more beneficial!

Why am I doing this, well simply because I’ve worked myself on a professional level with various healing techniques, have had cancer twice, which I found a cure through the Gerson Therapy and especially the help and guidance of a wonderful Natural Therapist/homeopathy. But once affected by cancer I knew that it would be lifelong challenge to consciously life a life more aware of my needs and to learn what really is good for me, my person and body. Being a strong religious person myself I know and have experienced that true healing comes through the spirit/mind. I was able to convince my whole family to do the healing codes. We all have been affected by it in a very positive way. And too all of those who think it might not work with their religion or believe system- well I totally disagree.

The Healing Codes is a beautiful system for anyone- religious or not and I have felt through the effects of it on myself and my family that is an absolute powerful, uplifting and easy to use tool to heal from almost anything!

Thank you!!

Beatrice Jefferies

Thank you Beatrice!  I hope Beatrice won’t mind but here is her Facebook page! Let’s support HER in her ALS Challenge!


  1. I wish I had as much faith as you regarding the healing codes. I started with the book in January of 2013 and then Dr. Loyd gave me some coaching for a while. I did Lt3, Lt4. truth technique, and worked with Johanna and have had absolutely no results after 1 1/2 years. My depression is so bad now I am hardly leaving my home and very little contact with the outside world. I am dying a slow death.

    I applaud anyone who has seen some type of result. I have stopped everything as it just makes me feel like (again) a failure.

    Good Bless You and your work. The world need more people like you.

    • Jane – please send an e-mail to with your full name and phone number. Do NOT put it here – too public for your phone number. Mary Ann Costello wants to get you together with Tom Costello, head of the Practitioner’s Program so he can help you. And yes – he CAN help you. Please send her that e-mail. Do not delay! Please do this – you will not feel like a failure.

    • From E. Thomas Costello, head of the Practitioners’ Program:

      Imagine the memories and beliefs we have as being stored. Conscious memories are stored right on our ‘desk tops’ so they are readily available. Subconscious memories and beliefs have been accumulating since at least conception and are far greater in number because of the processing power of the Subcx mind. As you consciously focus gently on what you want, stored information in support of that focus and stored information in opposition to that focus will come out of storage to ‘protect’ you. I think we are like Generals looking down at a battlefield in which our higher awareness and our lower awareness are colliding, each intent on ‘protecting’ us.

      You, as the General, get to direct your energy into either side of this conflict. Love would be the ‘weapon’ of choice for your higher awareness and anger or hate would be the weapon of choice for your lower awareness. As you do the Codes, you can more easily opt for Love.


    • Another from E. Thomas Costello:
      Let me review a few fundamentals:

      1. Beliefs (cellular memories, memories, interpretations of experiences, conclusions about ourselves, life, people, God, etc.) empower us to our full potential or cause stress.
      2. Stress de-prioritizes the immune system functions and other important functions because stress signals the body to only do ‘urgent things’.
      3. The person (you with your level of awareness at early ages) that creates the beliefs is not the person today who is seeking to heal from the effects of those beliefs.
      4. The Healing Codes reduce stress by allowing you to access other awareness about beliefs (cellular memories, memories, interpretations of experiences, conclusions about ourselves, life, people, God, etc.)
      5. Speaking a prayer aloud and then, with a quiet mind, is the most effective way of allowing new awareness to penetrate your consciousness.
      6. Working hard or thinking-thinking-thinking is not relaxing, it is stressful.
      7. Healing is not done by the Healing Codes, doctors, chemicals, surgeries, but rather by the design of the Source of All Healing. There are a lot of names for this Loving Intelligent Energy. It is the Power that heals and it is available to all of us.
      8. The body is designed to heal. Our choices: allow it or interfere with it.
      9. While we eat and drink to sustain our bodies, the greatest source of Life Force is not from food or drink. Imagine that you are feeding the cells of your body with the vibrations of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. This is a truth that many people overlook. You could say that illness is a result of energy deprivation at the cellular level and then tissue level and then organ level and then at body level.

      The effects of reducing stress will be first seen in your thinking and then in your emotions and finally, in the change of physicality.

      Things move from the Unseen Spiritual level –> Mental level of thought –> Emotional level where they are energized –> and finally to the Physical level of manifestation.
      We don’t work on the physical level. We go back up the levels to shift the root cause.
      If you only look at the physical, you are looking at the ‘effect’ of the thinking and feeling that you have previously had. That won’t really change anything.

      That means you are most likely to notice changes in the way you think and then in the way you feel emotionally. Finally, you could notice physical changes.

      I like this quote and I believe it is 100% true. ‘You do not need to heal your bodies or try to make your lives better, you need to heal your beliefs!’