How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice this Year While Doing The Healing Codes …

Jeanine Byers, Certified Healing Codes PractitionerWhat do you think about when you’re doing the codes?

Have you ever used them to deepen your spiritual connection or practice? Here are three suggestions for doing that this year as you do the codes.

(1) Bathe each issue you have chosen for healing with contemplative prayer…
I think of contemplative prayer as a holy moment between you and the divine, or you and the universe, during which you surround the issue with love and compassion and as a result, your heart opens the door to hope.

“Contemplation takes time and cannot be rushed through. It is a loving look, we gaze upon the world with eyes of compassion and in the process discover our own heart awakening and new worlds being formed there. Contemplation gazes on the real which is not always beautiful or pleasing. The real is the heart of things below the surface. The contemplative sees suffering and brings deep compassion and awareness.”–Christine Valters Paintner

So each day as you continue doing the codes, choose one code time (or more, if you’d like) and devote it to heart-opening contemplation.

(2) Create the new story in your mind that will result from the healing you hope to experience with the codes.
What will change as those memories and beliefs heal? Before one of your code sessions for the day, think for a moment about the issue you are working on.
This issue is your “before” story. While doing the codes, give some time to imagining an “after” for yourself.

(3) Ask for intuitive guidance…
During one of your code times, ask for guidance or insight about the issue itself, or action steps you can take that will help to resolve it or support the healing work you are doing with the codes. When asking for guidance, ask if there are any underlying causes of this issue that you need to know more about in order to empower the healing process.

As always, I wish you bright blessings as you continue your work with the codes!

Jeanine Byers

Remember you are meant to heal


  1. Thank you so much for this. I use to say a praire for each position. It takes 30 sec so I don’t need a timer. 😉 But create a new story and ask for guidance is great. Thank you!
    Lots of love and light to you!

  2. En la contemplación que es uno de los medios de profundizar en la oración, nos unimos a Todopoderoso y es El, quien realmente sana nuestros cuerpos y nuestras mentes. Es el autor de la Vida y de la salud. Es fundamental la unión con Dios en todo proceso curativo.
    Dios les bendiga hoy y siempre,
    María Betsabé

    • Maria, I think I understand that you are saying that our relationship with the divine is an essential part of the healing process. I certainly think it can be, and I wish you blessings with your own healing.