How Do You See Yourself?

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes PractitionerWhen you take a really close look at yourself, that person you are deep on the inside, what do you see?

I mean, take a really close look.

Do you see a loving and caring person?

Are you good enough?

Or maybe you see someone that doesn’t deserve the good in life because you aren’t worthy.

Maybe you’ve labeled yourself in some way, saying I’m stupid, or I’ll always be sick, or heavy, or never find the right mate… It can go on and on.

So many thoughts go through you every second of every day, consciously and subconsciously. There really is no way to truly keep track of them all.

But those thoughts, those emotions, those beliefs, are what make you who you are, right? Or at least who you ‘think’ you are.

Our thoughts aren’t always true

Sometimes the emotions you have are so alien, you aren’t even sure where they came from.

Those feelings don’t even seem like they should be part of you.

Where did those thoughts, and the beliefs formed from them, come from?

They had to start somewhere, right?

What did you inherit?

They started forming very early in life, some going back even further, inherited from your parents and ancestors.

Just like inherited eye and hair color.

So what can you do about that?

If you’ve inherited cellular memories, then there probably isn’t anything you can do about it, right?


We have an amazing tool called The Healing Codes. It not only works on relieving the stress from all those emotions, but it neutralizes them. Effectively making you feel like a different person.

And in way you are…

Upgrade yourself

When you let go of those damaging beliefs and allow new more positive ones to take root, you see things differently. You also act differently.

With those changes, people see you as different. They communicate and respond differently to you.

Almost as if you’re someone new.

This change could revitalize your relationships.

You probably see how this could change many things in your life.

Are you ready to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and images holding you back?

Try using The Universal Code from the book The Healing Code for a few weeks and watch your life begin to transform. Really give it good try and be consistent because that’s what will show you the best results.

I’ve seen so many people’s lives improve just by adding this simple tool.

Also please check out my ‘Who You Are Today‘ post for some more suggestions on how to positively change what you’re seeing in your life.

If you’ve already been using the process for a while with some good results, that’s great! We would love for you to share them in the comments below. It helps others to stay inspired and consistent in using The Healing Codes.

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit Melissa Zoske  or connect via Facebook or Google+


  1. I think everyone could benefit from this shift in thinking! We all struggle with feelings of “not enough”. Great book suggestion – can’t wait to read more.

    • Absolutely Liane! I hope you enjoy the book. Please let me know if you have any questions and what you think of it, Ok? Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. About a few months ago, I started to do the healing codes. At first, it worked. Then, I faced some problems. I want help so I joined a group on the internet which could give me some suggestions to resolve my confusion. In that group, we helped each other and encouraged each other. Though I still did the healing codes at that time, I still felt anxious, sad and depressed.
    I stopped doing the healing codes and I travelled with my mother and her colleagues in order to relax. I tried to forget unhappy things and enjoyed this traveling, but things didn’t go on as I expected. When I came back home, I felt more anxious and depressed. Therefore, I asked the group for help. I told them why I’m unhappy and this travel. Until now, I still regret to did this things. I told them my long complains about my mother and my father. One person said I was living an unhappy life as my mother did. And yes, I also realized that. As time goes, I easily complain things around me, always angry, not easily forgive things like I could do when I was a little girl. Another person suggested me writing down my complains about my parents, then faced it and told him what I felt. I said I felt guilty, I was not a girl for my parents. Then, he said I was ridiculous. I felt angry and I said nothing.
    Well, I know my complain is disturbing others, but i have no ways to heal myself. So, I ask for help. However, in his mind, I seem like a funny guy. Since that time, my heart is rejecting to do the healing codes. And I still complain my parents and I can’t feel any hope in my life.

    • Hi Leeable,

      I’m sorry for your difficulties. Times like those can really wear on you for sure.

      If you have specific questions you would like help with please contact me at and I will try to help.

      Sometimes you just need a little extra guidance to get things smoothed out.

  3. the universal healing code practice sounds intriguing, melissa. i trained as a cognitive-behavioral therapist, and have seen firsthand the incredible advances made when one is able to release negative beliefs. thank you for alerting me to this book.

    • Thanks for visiting April. It’s so great to hear your experiences in this. We continually make new strides in healing in so many ways. It’s an exciting time to be living! I hope you enjoy the book.

  4. Melissa,
    Your post today really resonated with me. I tend to see myself very differently from how others see me. I absolutely tend to be much more critical and harsh. It seems impossible to change the patterns at my age after trying so many other techniques. I’d be interested to read the book you refer to.

    • Thanks Laura,
      I’m so glad you connected to it. Yes the book mentioned is The Healing Codes by Alex Loyd. I know how you are feeling and there is hope. I grew up with some heavy issues and even eating disorders. I never felt like I was good enough and was so hard on myself. The Healing Codes was really what turned that all around for me. Its like I said in the post… you feel like a brand new person 🙂 Give it an honest try. If you get stuck and you just need a couple pointers you can contact me through my site. It’s usually very easy to point you in the right direction.

      And get ready for some amazing changes <3