Healing Code for “Father Issues”

Few people have had a perfect father, or been a perfect father, so it’s probably safe to say everyone has “father issues.”

I believe that the images we associate with “father” profoundly affect two areas in particular: success in life, and our spirituality.

The father has a lasting effect on both sons and daughters with respect to how successfully they operate in the world. If you have success issues, look at how your father viewed you, himself and his own place in the world. Heal anything negative that comes up for you.

Also, your image of God is inextricably bound up in your images of “father.” (There is a reason the biblical view of God is primarily as a Father. Earthly fathers are meant to reflect the heavenly Father’s life-giving nature and goodness. Earthly fathers invariably fall short.)

The good news is there is healing for father issues.

So just as I did for “mother issues,” I would like to give everyone a custom Healing Code code for any issues you have about your own father, and/or, if you’re a father, about your own fathering:

  • Left hand Temple, right hand Bridge
  • Both hands Jaws
  • Both hands Temples
  • Both hands Adam’s apple
  • Left hand Bridge, right hand Jaw
  • 5-10 minutes, 2-3x/day
  • Good for two weeks from when you start

If you don’t know how to do a Healing Code, please go to for step by step instructions on how to do the Healing Code from the book.

I also have my personal Truth Focus Statements available (you always want to focus on the positive when doing a Code) for free download at (look on the left column).

You can just focus on the healing the negative feelings, images, and beliefs from memories, or you can use the 12 Healing Code Categories as your guide on what to heal (one category per day, with the first and last days to cover the things that bother you the most). The 12 Categories can be found in the Healing Codes Manual, from The Heart Issues Finder, or chapter 11 of The Healing Code book.

Healing of these issues should improve your success AND your relationship with God. So please accept my gift and DO this Healing Code at some point. You may do it with other Healing Codes you are working on, or just concentrate on this one for the two weeks. You may focus on your father in one Code, and your own fathering issues in another.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of The Healing Code book. If you want to continue healing your personal issues in a more focused way, you may order coaching and custom Healing Codes from her site at There are also lots of free helps there for understanding and getting the most out of The Healing Codes.


  1. About a week ago, i started to do the healing code. At first, i felt good,but when i did the healing code later, i don’t know how to judge the scale of my pain though I know it’s really the pain in my mind. What’s more, another pressure occur to me recently when i try to heal myself. There are so many painful pictures about different emotion in my mind. It confuses me much. I want to be healthy, but everything is not in my control. Could you give me some suggestions to help me when i’m doing the healing code?

    Thank you !

    • Leeable,

      Don’t worry if you can’t “rate” the scale of your pain. Many people have trouble rating how much an issue or memory bothers them. We just suggest that so that you can tell when it gets better, but if you can’t rate it, trying to becomes a frustration. So just forget that part.

      When doing The Healing Code, just try to be in some relaxed, positive state. You can do this by focusing on what we call a Truth Focus Statement (something positive you believe; I have some suggestions on my site, as mentioned). You can focus on a positive memory, a time when you felt loved and secure. You can even make up a positive scene or scenario.

      You can also just relax and listen to music. Elio’s Music for the Healing Codes ( is excellent for this. And if you get the music with prompts (choose WP when ordering), there will be chimes every 30 seconds or so to signal when to change hand positions.

      As far as many painful pictures coming up, just welcome them for a moment and sort of tell them, “Thanks for showing up, you’re being healed too.” Then return to your positive focus. You might want to focus on any of those memories that came up, the next time you do your Healing Code, by mentioning those emotions and/or memories in your initial prayer of intention.

      It sounds like your heart is very ready to be healed, so that’s good news!

  2. I can’t find the instructional video on how to do healing codes. Can you help me.

    Thank you