Giving Thanks – Custom Guided Codes

We are thankful Thank all of the over 900 of you from all over the world who attended The Custom Guided Codes -GRATITUDE – both giving and receiving!

Being grateful is something everyone should practice every day of our lives.  We want you to know how grateful we are that you are part of the Healing Codes family and we thank you from the fullness of our hearts.

We invite you to listen to this call again and we invite those of you who could not attend to listen.

“The Healing Codes and the community all of you have created are things for which I am so grateful. I cannot believe the change in my relationships, my health, my outlook, and my ability to access my best self. Six months ago I had a condition that was potentially life threatening. It’s gone. I was depressed and desperate, and now I am frequently peaceful, grateful, and calm. Thank you, Dr. Alex, Marianne, Tom, Laurie, and all of the 900 people in the Healing Codes family who participated tonight.”


If you would like to listen on your mobile device, click here – Custom Guided Codes.

If you would like to download the call, right click here – Custom Guided Codes, and follow your browser’s instructions for saving the call.

Here are just a few of the comments people made who are grateful.

“I am grateful for my health. I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in May of 2009 and I am well and healthy in 2014! I am grateful everyday for my health. I have soo many things to be thankful for – I truly cannot name them all. 🙂 ”

“Grateful for all the amazing lightwork done around the world for the highest good of all beings. Let’s keep doing this more and more”

“I am GRATEFUL for the outpouring of love and healing to everyone through this healing codes family?”

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to be with other like minded people doing the codes together for the good of ourselves and all others. Thank you”

“Received a congruent message Sunday on being grateful, thank you for level two tonight on integrating gratitude. Earlier today I called the love of my life, from whom I separated last year after 33 years of marriage, to tell her I was grateful for all the time we had together. I am grateful to be practicing gratitude instead of resentment.”

These are only a few of the many comments we received.  No names here BUT you will hear them all if you listen to the replay.

And here are the custom codes:

Monday, November 24, 2014 Custom Guided Codes for Gratefulness and Thanksgiving

Alex – code for breaking down any blockages against being grateful and thankful

1)      Right Hand Jaw – Left Hand Bridge

2)      Both Hands Jaw

3)      Right Hand Adams’ Apple – Left Hand Temple

4)      Both Hands Temples

5)      Right Hand Bridge – Left Hand Adams’ Apple

6)      Both Hands Temples

7)      Right Hand Bridge – Left Hand Jaw

8)      Right Hand Adams’ Apple – Left Hand Temple

9)      Both Hands Bridge

10)   Both Hands Temples

11)   Both Hands Adams’ Apple

12)   Right Hand Jaw – Left Hand Bridge

13)   Both Hands Jaw

14)   Right Hand Bridge – Left Hand Jaw

15)   Both Hands Jaws

16)   Both Hands Bridge

17)   Both Hands Temples

18)   Both Hands Adams’ Apple

Tom – code for gratitude and thankfulness

1)      Both Hands Jaw

2)      Right Hand Temple – Left Hand Bridge

3)      Both Hands Bridge

4)      Right Hand Jaw – Left Hand Temple

5)      Both Hands Jaw

6)      Right Hand Adams’ Apple – Left hand at Temple

7)      Both Hands Jaw

Lorrie – code for Peace and Harmony in families and countries around the world and the universe

1)      Right Hand Jaw – Left Hand Temple

2)      Both Hands Bridge

3)      Right Hands Jaw – Left Hand Temple

4)      Both Hands Bridge

5)      Right Hand Adams’ Apple – Left Hand Jaw

6)      Right Hand Jaw – Left Hand Adams’ Apple

7)      Both Hands Adams’ Apple

8)      Right Hand Adams’ Apple – Left Hand Brigde

9)      Right Hand Jaw – Left Hand Temple

10)   Right Hand Adams’ Apple – Left Hand Jaw



  1. Hi Dr. Alex,
    I thank you and your Team very much for your great work and for all you give us!
    I received your book as a gift, I went through it in a few days and yesterday I practiced the Healing Codes for the first time: something is already changing!

    I applied them to my son as well, and … let’s see.

    I’ll keep you updated, meanwhile… thank you very much once more!

    • Angelo (from Italy) – wonderful news! Keep doing The Code and you will surely see amazing changes.

  2. Hello, you mention Wednesday free custom codes sessions. Where can I get more info please? Are they recorded maybe? I am from Slovakia, so much different time zone…
    Many thanks!

  3. Thanks to the healing code and Alex för all you give to evereyone of us.

    I buy the book when it come to Sweden and I where on your workshop.

    It start a new Life for me.

    I´m so grateful for everyting you do for everyone of us.

    Gud bless you!


  4. Dear Dr. Alex and the Healing Codes Team.

    I am so grateful and thankful to you, and to God for the changes that have taken place in my life
    since coming to know about The Healing Codes four years ago.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving day.

    Thank you.

  5. Bonjour Dr Alex,

    J’ai lu votre livre traduit en français mais comment obtenir les différents codes dans la langue française ?

    Merci beaucoup.

    • Depuis chaque code est assez courte , je suggère Google translate . Un exemple est le premier code – mâchoire de droite – pont de la main gauche .

  6. Thank you for the gift.
    My english is not very good (being german and living in France)
    but I prefer hear all in english thinking that Alexander’s words and voice are “loaded” with faithful and positive energy.

    • Gini – thank you so much! Your English is certainly good enough for your comment and probably better than you think! Understood it perfectly. And we are so glad you were there!

  7. Hi, Dr. Alex, I am so grateful for the healing codes mannual that I bought a few months ago. I did it consistent for 4 months and got great results.I used to react when I misunderstood my daughter and that would cause so much suffering. Today I am so grateful that I no longer react. I am able to see where my daughter is coming from when she says something that hurts. I see that she is just calling out for help. Wow that sure is powerful. Thank you for this miracle. I sure will be doing these costume codes next, I live in Nashville, Tn. Someday I want to help others using the healing codes, God Bless you and your family, Laima Dickens

  8. I am from Prague, Czech Republic. I am 69 years old. It is nice, that I am now a free membre. I am happy for the Blessings from Dr. Alex Loyd. But because of my insufficient knowledge of English I am not able to participate in any direct phone communication. I can´t understand all what is said, it is to quick for me. I can understand only a part of it, I can´t ask questions. But I can understand written material very well. I can understand videos, when I have the possibility to see them twice or more times. It is similer for the audio recording. So it helps me to hear the recordings of dialogs from other membres with Dr. Alex Loyd. So I can hear his voice, his enthusiasm, his explanation to many questions and problems I am interested in. For me is important, to hear all this in the original language. I am gratefull for the possibility to hear on mp3 the yesterday´s meeting, the healing codes. All the atmosphere is very powerfull, I can feel it and I am sure, it will help me. I could do with the mp3 the healing codes.I am ill but I am sure that the healing codes will help me. I am gratefull for all this. I will hear more time this mp3, so I am sure, I will understand a bigger part of it than today. Thank you very much Dr. Alex, thank very much all peaple who spoke on it and were present at this powerfull action. Thank you all. Vera

    • The recording is posted. For anyone who has some English but has some difficulty you can start and stop the recording so you can understand however slowly you need to go. Thank you for being on the call!

      • I have an important question, if I can ask. In the Czech version of the book Healing codes was written, that in the second position in difference from the 3 others positions, the hands should be put directly on the body, in the other positions they should be somme cm from the body. I could see somme videos on you tube. In most of them there was not possible to distinguish, if the hands were directly on the adams apple or somme cm from it. But today I saw a video, where from a side view it was clear, that the hands were not directly on the adams apple, but in somme distance from it. Excuse me for my question, but for me is very important to do the healing codes as it should be donne. If I did it wrong, they could not function. Thank you for your answer. Vera

  9. Hi,

    Jaw – ?
    Bride – ?
    Adam’s Apple – ?
    Temple – ?
    Which is which?

    The Healing Codes are working, amazing…

  10. Dr.Alex, I have read your book 4 times over the past year and you said that the codes in the book were good enough to do for ever. There is nothing in the book about mixing them up. Where did this come from. I have bought many of your books to give to friends of mine because I believe it works. Most of my friends are doing the codes but 3 of them thinks it is a hoax and gave the book back to me. I just gave them to someone else. If they are listening to your broadcast they may have the same questions as I. If you could explain more about it, it would be helpful. Thanks, Wayne

    • Hi Wayne – I thought your question was quite important so I sent it to Dr. Loyd and asked him to answer in his own words. He did – and here is his reply:

      The codes we did in the Custom Guided Code session last night were “custom” codes. The custom codes were how the healing codes started. That’s what we did with everyone well before the book. The code in the book is the one code we have tested to work for everyone, and for any issue. However, it is very effective, but not as effective as a custom code. I thought I spoke of custom codes somewhere in the book, but maybe not. We have been doing weekly free calls for 8 years where we give people custom codes for their particular issues. One of these is called “The Cutting Edge”, and is every Wednesday at 1 central time – it is free to anyone and everyone.

      Many blessings to YOU!


    • The instructions are right there – under the player. Right click on the download link provided and follow your browser’s instructions to save it to your computer.

  11. Thank you for keeping me up to date with the Healing Codes. It has bee a year now that I first read the book and I increasingly understand what it is all about although I haven’t been practising the codes for a while. Lately I have heard something about healing with “frequences” (Hulda Clark) and this has sparked off my interest in the Codes again. I have a feeling that both can work together. Correct me if it is wrong.

    • This was a phone call – a teleseminar. No video. However there are several YouTube videos to tell you how to do the codes. Just search for The Healing Codes.