Dr. Alex Loyd:  The Harmful Actions Category is good for any addiction.  If you’re doing The Healing Codes for any kind of addiction, it works a tiny bit different.  You do The Healing Codes the way you always do but you also take the Healing Code and boil it down to one minute segments.  So if there are three positions, you do each position for twenty seconds.  If there are four, you do each position for fifteen seconds, etc.  And you do that one minute Healing Code anytime you have the desire for the alcohol or smoking or whatever it is.  So that’s a little bit different when it comes to smoking or any other addiction. You do the regular Healing Code for the regular amount of time, but you also do a one-minute version of the same Code every time you feel a desire for whatever the addiction is.

Now the first day, you might be doing that fifty times, but it starts to decrease over time.  And it usually starts to decrease dramatically, quickly.  But not every time.