Emotions Are Not Just Feelings

Emotions bring to mind Joy, tears, sadness, grief, anger and a whole bundle of other feelings. It doesn’t bring to mind, for many, what exactly these emotions do to our bodies on a physical level.

When I first started writing this post I had a large list of chemical reactions the body went through while feeling emotions.  From adrenalin and cortisol to dopamine and serotonin, to name only a few.

I was getting way to scientific, and to be honest I love what I call ,“emotional science”, but I know just enough to get myself in trouble. We realize that when we look at  a sleeping baby we may feel an intense AHWWWWW feeling. On a chemical level it is releasing oxytocin. This chemical creates a feeling of being connected or feeling love. There are many emotions that create different chemicals in the body

Basically all you need to know, is every emotion you have, creates a chemical chain reaction. These reactions in the body either lift you up, with healing components, or take you down. Think about this while you are working on a healthier life, whether that’s in physical or emotional health, relationships, or career. You need to understand that by altering how you feel and respond to stresses in your life, will directly impact all of these areas.

If you are trying to heal a diseased body do you really think the feelings of anger, rage or hatred will help this condition? I think the exact opposite happens, it actually accelerates the disease.

On the flip side, positive feelings promote health, and put your body in a growth/repair state.

Many have used affirmations, to try to change their emotions, to repair their health. While this is a great start to making a change in your life, it isn’t the most effective.

If you are saying an affirmation that you are 100% healthy, and yet you are ridden with disease, you are essentially lying to yourself. This creates more stress, which of course releases more negative chemicals in your body, promoting the exact opposite of what you set out to do.

Working with The Healing Codes, we suggest focusing on releasing the negative emotions first. While actually doing the Code, the positive emotions or beliefs you need, are being uploaded at that time.  By working in this order you are creating more loving attention your body and mind are craving.

Here is an example of steps The Healing Codes use to get you started.

  1.    Find the negative emotion or feeling you want to change
  2.    Put this emotion into your prayer or intention to be addressed or healed.
  3.    Relax while doing the hand positions focusing on feelings that are uplifting, or the desired result you want. For instance how would it “FEEL” if you had  complete health.

It’s really not complicated at all, and is just a matter of sitting down and getting started.

Let today be the day you allow your positive emotions to impact your life. After all emotions are NOT just feelings.

By Melissa Zoske 


  1. I started working with the Healing Codes 18 months ago. Emotionally I was a tangle of distress at the time. I also purchased a copy of Elio’s musical accompaniment and got to work with a daily practice.
    I am thrilled with the elevated emotions that are now a daily part of my life. I still have challenges, however I no longer feel stuck in those down times. When they come, I take myself to my special healing chair, where my CD player and Codes Book are ready to take me out of disease thinking and into an inner calm state that I can count on. Within moments I am uplifted and free of emotional pain. There are times when I am applying the codes positions that I am in complete awe of the power of this process.
    The most exciting are the times when my mind enters a healing state that stimulates warm uplifting thoughts to me, about me. These new thoughts appear to be coming from a source outside of me and they feel like thoughts of love. Grateful in Ohio.

    • Hi Kathy,

      I am so glad to hear you are doing so well in your healing journey! What a blessing! Yes, Elio’s music is fantastic!

      Those uplifting thoughts feel like a warm hug, don’t they? Good for you.

      Warmest wishes!

  2. I appreciate the words. I have done a lot of work on myself as have others I know. It is the eternal question of which comes first, the thoughts or the experience?

    For me, I believe we are born innocent and wide open. And as I’ve heard recently, your primary caregivers write on that slate every day. Then off you go to publick schools, which are much worse in some cases. And that slate gets etched on some more.

    So it’s simplistic to say, “now which would you rather have, health or disease?” Becasue then when all those deep grooves in one’s psyche dont heal, or it takes a long, long lonnnnggggg time to heal them, that is a lot of work for something we didnt create in the first place.

    For me that brings up more rage, to have to do that much work becasue of what OTHERS did to my beautiful unpainted slate. And whitewashing it doesnt work and never has. I need a new slate.

    Healing codes seem to me to lead people to thought that says, “IFyou use this tool, it will work where no others have worked.” I have such a toolbox now, I feel words like in this article are empty promises.

    And yes, I have tried the healing codes, as I have numerous other modalities. I thinks what is being attempted is an emotional/spiritual bypass. And I have darkness, just like anyone else, no matter what they do.

    I know this because my darkness brings up darkness in ANY one. As does anyone’s darkness brings up anyone else’s. Some who say they have been doing healing codes. They still treat me like crap, get angry saying that I am unwilling, etc and they have to stay in the positive place. I think that means they arent’ truly healed.

    I could be wrong of course. But that phrase just helps me practice self-doubt. I’m open to feedback though, as always.