Building a Better Marriage – Part 2

Jean Kerr says, ‘Getting married is like buying something you’ve admired for ages in a shop window. You love it, but when you get it home it doesn’t always go with everything!’ Paul says, ‘…live in…harmony…’ Here are three suggestions:

1) Stay teachable.  Keep an open mind. Don’t form your response while your mate’s still talking. Never become so entrenched in your position that you don’t consider your mate’s viewpoint. Listening is about connecting and acknowledging where the other person’s coming from.

2) Keep humor alive. When you’re experiencing money woes, family problems, illness or plain old exhaustion, humor eases the tension and restores perspective.

3) Eliminate the ‘D’ word. Although God permits divorce under certain circumstances it’s never His ideal. One couple, who worked through their marriage troubles said, ‘We’re glad we didn’t give up during the difficult years. We hung in long enough to realize that it really can get better with time.’ By committing to work on the relationship, no matter how things ultimately end up, you’ll never regret your efforts.