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What Are You Thinking

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” ― Dale Carnegie

And if you are thinking about what you have, who you are, where you are in your life or what you are doing through the filter of cellular memories, memories, beliefs, and fears established years ago, you are not seeing things in a present time perspective. Your thinking could be handicapped by the stress of the past.

UCLA on Alzheimer’s Disease – Young or Old Must Learn

BrainFood for Thought

“The idea that Alzheimer’s is completely genetic and unpreventable is probably the greatest misunderstanding regarding the disease, ” says Gary Small, M. D., director of the UCLA Center on Aging. Researchers now understand that Alzheimer’s, similar to heart disease and cancer, evolves over decades and can be affected by lifestyle factors ….

When you read this article by J. Carper you will quickly see how important the Healing Codes, used in a consistent way, can have profound effects on a person’s brain health. Notice which of the ten items would be impacted by reducing the stress in your body.

The Healing Codes on ALS

Tonight a person with ALS asked a question about what to do. After I gave my opinion, a woman submitted this to Mary Ann as a comment:

“For the person with ALS, if you want to pass it on… There are writings online about a woman, Evy McDonald, who healed from ALS by deciding she wanted to experience unconditional love in the lifetime she had left. So she began focusing love on one body part at a time and found thereby that she made peace with even the weak parts of her body when she felt like a bowl of jello in a wheelchair. She now declares herself to be the healthiest she’s ever been. ”

After the call, the same woman sent me an email with 3 links about Evy McDonald.  I converted those 3 sites into PDFs for your convenience.

Another Perspective of ALS

American Holistic Association

Prescriptions From A Former Patient

Hope this helps some of you


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The Healing Codes and Harmful Actions

Question from a client: I am currently working on harmful actions. This is dealing with smoking. I am smoking more than I used to. Do you find that people’s habits get worse or increase before they get better?

Answer: At times, it seems as if habits are ‘alive’ and want to stay that way.

I believe ‘we feed what we fight’ so I recommend that you not fight this habit. Instead, change you relationship with it.

You have images about smoking that you acquired as a young person that smoking ‘adds’ to your Identity in some ways:

and so on.

You were lied to by yourself, what you saw, the advertising with the guy on the horse looking masculine, etc.

I had a mentor who told me, “A person will change quickly and easily when the cost of their current behavior is more than they are willing to pay.”

Those assumed ‘benefits’ listed above are myths.  Make a list of the costs: mental, emotional, physical, financial, family, social, leisure, etc. that you can think up.

As you do the Codes, ask for awareness of this relationship and the strength to have a separation between you and ‘it’, the habit of smoking.

When you find the images that glue you to smoke and you see that they are not true, the glue gives way.