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Doctor Heal Thyself; part two

The greatest pressure and stress a medical professional faces is from themselves.  They have taken on the belief that they must be perfect, they can’t make mistakes, they must please everyone and know everything.  These beliefs can be generational, learned as a small child, or learned at professional school.

At some point in the professional’s career the stress of these damaging beliefs will sometimes cause the medical professional to seek a way out, either through substance abuse, leaving the world of medical practice or worse, suicide.  If the professional doesn’t seek a way out and they continue with these wrong beliefs, they get sick.

Today’s medical professional is working in a very unhappy world of medicine.  A once noble profession, where a practitioner could feel good about the services he or she has delivered has been turned upside down by the modern world.  Even though the professional has delivered the best care they can, and the desire of their heart is to help others in need, it is never good enough.

Why do I bring all of this up?  To help others understand what the medical professional of today faces.  Whether it is your own doctor, a family member, or yourself, understanding is one of the first steps in healing.  The next step in healing is taking action.  As those of us who are knowledgable about The Healing Codes know, the action is finding the heart issues and using codes to heal.

What can you do to help heal the medical professional?

  1. If you are the professional.  Take the Heart Issues finder test and begin using The Healing Codes for those issues.
  2. If the professional is a family member or your doctor, use The Healing Codes to send healing energy to them.
  3. Tell them about The Healing Codes.  The idea may be rejected, but plant the seed anyway.


Mary Anne Chase D.D.S.; C.H.C.P.

Doctor heal thyself!

Medical professionals in the U.S. are under a unique form of stress that often times goes unrecognized.  It is a stress created by the families, patients, outside parties, the professional culture and yes, even the professional him or herself.

What the medical professional faces on a daily basis are pressures from family to:

  1. provide a upper class lifestyle
  2. be present to their needs

They face pressures from patients to:

  1. make no mistakes
  2. be present to their needs

They face pressures from outside parties (like government agencies and third party payers) to:

  1. make no mistakes
  2. file scads of paperwork
  3. make medical decisions based on non medical input, such as insurance provisions or big pharma pressures

They face pressure from their own profession’s culture to:

  1. Tow the line, not think outside the box

They face their own pressures to:

  1. be perfect
  2. make no mistakes
  3. please everyone
  4. know everything