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Finding the Gift, Giving Thanks

Give thanks in all circumstances…

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last month, and this week Americans celebrate US Thanksgiving. But of course, no matter where we are in the world, the healing energy of “thankfulness” is worth cultivating year ‘round.

Sometimes, this seems easier said than done, though. It’s easy to feel gratitude for good things in our lives like loved ones, food on the table, comfortable shelter… It’s not as easy to feel gratitude in circumstances that involve loss, hurt, sacrifices or other difficulties.

The Healing Codes can be very helpful when we’re feeling less-than-thankful. We reduce stress and increase clarity when we heal heart issues (like anxiety, fear, distrust, anger) that show up with unwanted circumstances. This then helps us to see… Read More→

Signpost of Healing: Improved Self-Talk

One day — after using the Healing Codes for about a month — I dropped a dish in the kitchen. As I cleaned up, I noticed something different with my inner dialogue. Instead of berating myself for, say, being “clumsy”, my thought was simply, “oh well, mistakes happen.”  (I also noticed how efficiently I took care of the mess since I wasn’t wasting energy getting mad at myself).

After this, I made a point of bringing awareness to my thoughts in various situations. And I happily discovered my self-talk had improved immensely.

This was not something I had focused on with the Healing Codes. In fact, I had never realized there was a problem with the way I spoke to myself. Often, we see how destructive our negative habits were only after we’ve made a healthy change.

Improvements with self-talk can be subtle and gradual. I like to ask clients if they have noticed changes in this area. After reflecting, they almost invariably say … Read More→

Signpost of Healing: Greater Resiliency

A few months after I began using the Healing Codes, I was faced with an unexpected, stressful life circumstance. But what surprised me more than the unwelcome event was the way I handled it.

Instead of being thrown into despair and confusion, I found myself working through the situation with a focus, calm and grace I didn’t know I had. And after dealing with the worst of it, instead of feeling defeated or worn out, I came out stronger and healthier.

It was exciting to experience this enhanced resiliency as a result of working with the Healing Codes! By reducing stress,  … Read More→

Signpost of Healing: Deeper Spiritual Connection

One of the most unexpected and profound benefits I experienced with the Healing Codes was a deepening of my relationship with God. It seemed that once the noise of lies and unhealthy beliefs about myself and God began healing, I could hear truth. This healthier, more fulfilling spiritual connection then further enhanced my healing work with the codes.

It’s not that I needed the Healing Codes to facilitate this sacred relationship. I believe that God is always and ever available to us — we only need to be open to receiving the gift. However, in my experience, we can disconnect from Source when diverted by past regrets, present worries, future anxieties…

When we start releasing stress with our Healing Codes work, our mind quiets and body relaxes… This helps us to realign ourselves to the true Source of all healing, love, transformation.

The experience of that deep, healing connection to Spirit is, of course, very personal and unique to each person. But here are some examples… Read More→

SignPost of Healing – Enhanced Physical Appearance

As you work with the Healing Codes, you may notice changes in your physical appearance as stress leaves your body. You might also notice differences in how you perceive and feel about your outward self. Here are a few examples of what some people have experienced:

– people comment that you are looking rested, refreshed, younger, glowing, happy

– people ask if you lost weight, got a new hair style or had a spa treatment

– your face looks relaxed rather than stressed, lines appear softer

– your skin tone is more vibrant

– your eyes look brighter, more alive

– you’re smiling more and… Read More→