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On Thursday Afternoon and Thursday Night, we have Question & Answer Coaching teleconferences.
You can Ask a Coach for help to Get Started using the Healing Codes and other products. You can Go Deeper in your healing by asking questions about your specific situation.
We answer questions on the spot of callers and people who join the call over the Internet. We now want to allow you to submit questions for those calls. The below link is ONLY, ONLY for the purposes of helping clients GET STARTED and GO DEEPER to the root of the spiritual issues that we deal with.
We will do our best to answer the relevant questions during the calls.
If you have questions related to other topics, send them to

If you are just getting started or if you want to go deeper with your healing, what do you want to ask a Healing Codes Coach?

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If you would like to ask your question in advance but cannot attend live, you can listen to the replay if you are a Free Member – that’s right, no charge. Register here so you can listen to all the replays.