Are You Living in Live HD or Streaming Past Reruns?

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes PractitionerAre You Streaming Your life?

My kids finally talked me into getting one of those Apple TV streaming devices. I have to admit, it’s been pretty cool looking at all the options there are in TV reruns.

As I was sitting, going through the shows, it came to me how so many of us stream reruns of our lives.

Streaming our lives allows us to avoid the current situations we are supposed to be living in right now.

We stream it instead of live it. I think most of us can be guilty of this to a certain degree.

When I say “streaming” our lives, what I mean is we really don’t live life in the moment. We look back, watching virtual reruns of our lives. We judge the actions we took then and replay them over and over.  We beat ourselves up over bad decisions and even replay unforgiveness, anger and rage over past things done to us.

Heal your past

The Healing Codes is the best way to deal with these past emotions. Using a code to let them go easily can’t be beat and certainly is a better option than reliving that space in time over and over. The best part is, using The Healing Codes can help you live life in the moment. Every time you are practicing a code, you are connecting to the NOW, to THIS moment.  Yes, in the beginning of your session, you place your intention of what you want to heal from the past, but that is it, you are done and you let it go at that point.

Love the Present

Living right now, in our own Reality HD TV episodes, allows us to live our lives to the fullest. We aren’t missing out on life as it speeds by. We are able to see clearly and make decisions easier with less conflict clouding our judgment.

I am not saying to ignore your experiences from the past. Those have valuable lessons for all of us, so use what you can. Just don’t get pulled back into replaying those old episodes over and over. Use a Healing Code to heal any negative emotions that are tied to those experiences. Then, you are able to actually access them and use them as they were intended, which is in the form of wisdom.

By living in the NOW, we are able to do one of the biggest things that we can ONLY do right now, and that is change.

Brighten up your future

We can’t change events from the past and we can’t change them in the future. Change only happens in the present and that will influence your future outcome.  By working on healing the issues of your heart today, you will be able to see things in a better, brighter light. It may not change the past events, but it creates a peace that does change how you feel about them.

So stop streaming reruns of your life today.  Make the changes you need to make right now and make this HD Life episode the best one ever.

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit her website at