A Healing Codes Experience

This is from someone who is new to The Healing Codes.  We do not publish names or e-mails to protect people’s privacy.  But this will be encouraging to everyone – if you are currently doing The Healing Codes or if you are brand new!

I just started doing the Healing Code yesterday, but I had an amazing experience already. This morning, right after doing it, an old negative long-forgotten memory from my childhood surfaced into my consciousness like a bubble coming up. I was curious about it and tried to concentrate on it, but it just flitted away after a few seconds, like a dream that quickly fades with the morning light. Actually, it’s good it’s gone. Now I know other cellular and unconscious negative memories will do the same, whether or not I’m aware of it happening. My gratitude to you for making this tool available. God bless!

If you are feeling afraid, be sure to read ‘Let’s Eliminate Fear‘ and if you are feeling frustrated, watch for the next post on ‘Patience’!